Owning a yacht is about enjoyment. However, acquiring, selling or building a yacht is a serious business involving good decision-making and putting the clients’ interests first. Whether you are new to yachting or an experienced yachtsmen, our professional team of brokers and consultants will give you confidence and security throughout each process. Our professionalism, experience, ethics, honesty and discretion, are why an increasing number of Owners choose us time and time again.


Julian Chang

During his 35 years of experience in the offshore and yachting industry, he was involved in building and managing a total of 620 marine projects. His pursuit of quality was awarded with several prestigious yachting awards from Monaco and Asia. Being one of the earliest yachting enthusiasts’ in Asia he has explored most of its pristine waters stretching from the Maldives to the Great Barrier Reef, and loves to share his experience, knowledge and passion for boating with new and existing yacht owners.


As the Managing Director of Raffles Yacht, his goal is to expand the Raffles brand and its trusted partners and in the meantime further promote the yachting lifestyle in ASIA.


On June 2019 Julian Chang was appointed as BURGESS Senior Yacht Adviser, Asia.


In his spare time Julian relaxes on diving trips with family and friends, enjoys fishing, chess, motor biking and bird-watching.


Email: JulianChang@rafflesyacht.com.sg 


Mobile: +65 9875 0024

Sandra Chang

Since establishing Raffles Yacht Group as Director Sandra has been involved in multiple, high level, superyacht projects as advisor and consultant to the interior designers. Her acute sense of style and detail, combined with years of experience in yachting and its lifestyle makes her the perfect soundboard for yacht owners and designers alike. The yachts she has been involved in have won prestigious awards at yacht shows around the world. Currently also branching out in advising yachters on acquiring art work and other decorative items suitable for installation on board, she travels extensively sourcing for these one off, special pieces that delight her clients. Since young, Sandra has always enjoyed being on a yacht, soaking in the relaxed atmosphere surrounded by beautiful nature while practicing her favorite yoga asanas.


Email: Sandra.Chang@rafflesyacht.com.sg


Mobile: +65 8161 6137

Richard Zhou

As the Head of the Technical Department Richard has over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the Marine, Offshore and Yacht industry, his expertise as a Mechanical Engineer extends to project management, engineering management, testing & commissioning,  procurement, marketing & ship management, mechanical and piping design.


Within Raffles Yacht Group his professional capabilities and technical understanding will immediately benefit our existing clientele of new build projects and the brokerage side as well as the yacht management part of the business. Richard's influence will further enhance the value proposition to our new clients and partners.


When he is not working Richard enjoys sports such as badminton and spends a lot of time on his photography.

Email: Richard.Zhou@rafflesyacht.com.sg


Mobile: +65 9667 0203

Diederik Brinkman

Heading up Raffles Yacht Malaysia, Diederik,, born in the Netherlands, has been based in Asia for over 25 years. After retiring from his earlier profession in the Hospitality Industry spanning 35 years across 3 continents in various Operational and Head of Business Unit roles he decided to follow his passion for sailing and scuba-diving by joining the Yachting Industry and settle in S.E. Asia.


His goal is to introduce the concepts of a yachting life style and all of its aspects as well as to contribute to the development of Yachting in South East Asia and in particular Malaysia.


A sailing enthusiast since a young age, navigating open mono & multi-hulls as well as small yachts, he has participated with his team in multiple regattas’ worldwide.


Diederik is often found on or under water enjoying the sea and all of its beauty.


Email: D.Brinkman@rafflesyacht.com.sg


Mobile: +60 11 2355 5832

Gail Tay

Responsible for managing the CSR program of Raffles Yacht is devoting her time to the International SeaKeepers Society Asia as its Director of Programming and Operations.


She advocates their work of Research. Educate. Protect. Restore. on board of DISCOVERY yachts, in schools and during Community Activities. Since its commencement in Asia International SeaKeepers have reached out to over 400 school children and established multiple sustainable marine projects, not only in Singapore but also in Malaysia.


Gail in her spare time is an ardent yoga practitioner; she totally relaxes on board of a yacht, while appreciating the wonders of the sea and admiring its awesomeness.


Email: gail.tay@seakeepers.org


Mobile: +60 12 822 5832

Tara Chang

As the Director of Administration and Customer Relations within Raffles Yacht she keeps everybody focused on the interest of our clients, reminds all to ensure full dedication to the customer needs and desires. A large part of her job is verifying if expectations are met and finding ways to improve our levels of service, process and client satisfaction.


Together with her father she was exploring the South East Asian waters as a young child, scuba diving it’s most splendid of locations. These treasured family experiences instilled in her an enormous appreciation for living beings and inspired her to preserve life and the environment for future generations to come.

Email: TaraChang@rafflesyacht.com.sg


Mobile: +65 9824 2424

Rolv Reissiger

Rolv has been for years actively involved in boat shows, regattas, general marine leisure and marine developments to promote yachting, maritime events and lifestyle in the ASEAN region as well as Oceania. He wants to encourage the local marine industry to grow their domestic and possible foreign markets by actively finding as well as promoting able companies in the region and by connecting them to his vast network of HNWI’s. His background in Engineering as well as Marketing makes him the ideal person to connect the right companies to the right clients, establishing a win-win deal for all.


In his spare time Rolv travels the globe, combining his love for the sea with exploring the roads less traveled.

Email: Rolv.Reissiger@rafflesyacht.com.sg


Mobile: +60 16 219 8863

Claira Phua

As Logistics & Administration Manager, Claira is an integral part of the team in keeping Raffles Yacht Group, the associates and all its partners connected and up-to-date. She is crucial in the preparations leading up to yacht shows, exhibitions and client networking events, as well as assisting with customer proposals. More often than not, you will find her as the ‘behind-the-scenes force’ in our Raffles Yacht Group events, including the Seakeepers functions. With her family in tow, she enjoys spending quality time outdoors in the water, or the occasional camping and island-hopping around Singapore.


Email: Claira.Phua@rafflesyacht.com.sg                                         


Mobile: +65 9476 8602